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    Fully Qualified & Experienced in Sports Fencing

    Lee Brothers Ltd is a highly competitive Manufacturer and Installer of Fencing Systems
    Specialising in Sports Fencing .

    With over 20 years experience in the fencing industry we have a hard work ethic and strive to produce an excellent product as well as an excellent service. Specialising in sports fencing for over 10 years the extensive knowledge gained will allow us to tailor-make our product and service.

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    Carl Lee

    Managing Director

    For us, it’s way more than just a job. We treat every single project like its our own.

    The work that we carry out can help give the safe environments required for some of the best sports stars in the world or the brightest young hopes for the future. When you look at like that, you'll see why we put so much care into ensuring our work is of the very highest standard... every time.

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